Creating a Dynamic Resume

1. Introduce yourself. Be sure that your name and contact details are easy to read. Give a brief of who you are as person, what you do and what your goals are. It can be simple and straightforward.

2. Clarify your goals and ambition. Employers and Hiring Directors are looking for people with drive who will stand out. Just be careful not to be arrogant or look like you are aiming for the top before you have the necessary tools and skill set.

3. List your education, experience and knowledge. Start with broad descriptions and then quickly move into details. Describe tangible ways that you have made a difference in your work. Saying “I’m a successful sales person isn’t nearly as powerful as saying I increased sales by 50-100% in my first two years with 98% of clients renewing their contracts. Try to make it relevant to the position you are applying for. If you were hiring someone for this position, what kinds of characteristics would you like to see? Be sure to include all your skills, especially when it comes to computers and foreign languages.

4. Consider the tone of your resume. A resume is not just about your individual accomplishments but your ability to work with a team. Be careful not to start every sentence with “I”. Describe projects and the teamwork it took to accomplish them. Prospective employers will be looking to see how you can contribute to the company as a whole, how you will fit into company culture and your ability to lead and also be lead.

5. Demonstrate your initiative. Employees who can follow instructions are easy to find, but finding that unique and tenacious individual that can think ahead and take initiative before being told what to do is rare. Make sure you follow up promptly after your interview with either a phone call or email.

6. Be exceptional. Make sure that your resume is well organized and clean and free of typos. Good grammar and spelling are critical. Have someone else you trust proof read it a few times. Always include a cover letter that speaks to the specific position you are applying for and gives a brief summary of why you are well suited for the position. Be sure to include the key words and attributes the employer will be looking for. Making their job easy will help you to stand out.

Be prepared:

Research the company so you thoroughly understand the position as it relates to the mission of the company. Working this information into the interview will demonstrate you have done your homework.

Practice answering questions. Get a friend or family member to pretend to interview you.

Know thy self. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses so if you are asked during the interview, your weaknesses can be positioned as strengths.

Follow the instructions. This is such a simple tip but if you don't read and follow thouroughly, you can sabotage yourself before you even begin.

  • What to Expect with an Online Interview

    If you have been invited to do an online interview, congratulations! Your potential employer believes in the importance of meeting the "whole" you, not just the "on paper" you. This is an opportunity to be yourself in a controlled and stress free environment. Pay attention to the tips below and put your best face forward.

  • Be sure you have a strong Internet connection.

    A coffee shop is not advisable, public places usually moderate bandwidth and when it drops out, your interview will too.

  • Dress appropriately.

    Treat this just like you would a live interview. Dress appropriately for the position to which you are applying.

  • Check the lighting and camera angle.

    Make sure your face is lit and your chin isn’t the focus. It may require propping your webcam up but trust us…it’s more flattering.

  • Be aware of your background.

    Be sure you are communicating what you intend. The background can speak volumes and not always in a way you’d like, simple and not distracting is best.

  • Pace yourself with the questions timer.

    If you have been asked to do an interview where you do not see the questions in advance, the questions will appear with a countdown timer. Practice in advance so you can feel how long 1 or 2 minutes feels. After you read the question out loud be sure to look directly at the camera while answering.

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